Writer’s Workshop: Make Good Writing Great!
with Sara Lynn (Kuntz) Valentine

Start Date: April 13 through May 18, Wednesdays from 6-8:00PM
Cost: $192 for 6 weeks at the Durango Academic Coaching Center, 3750 Main Ave Suite 5

Description: Join a supportive group of fellow writers committed to improving their work in any genre. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, each workshop student will participate as both a writer and editor. Students will learn to analyze effective writing, to recognize the qualities that separate great writing from adequate writing, to effectively critique and edit their own work and the work of fellow writers, and to develop the skills to take their own writing to a higher level. Specific strategies will be introduced, discussed and applied to assignments in each class session. Students will also have the opportunity to bring in projects they’re working on outside of class, and to take one project through the entire process of writing, editing, polishing and receiving critiques.
Relaxed atmosphere – brown bag suppers welcomed.
Register today at www.DurangoLearns.com.
You will not want to miss this class!

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