Isaac Segura

Director/Owner - Durango Academic Coaching Center

About me~

If the art department and the science department had a little academic baby (figuratively, of course), it’d be me.  Studying sciences and learning to reason from first principles not only taught me how to think through complexity with clarity and communicate the minutiae of this process, but added to the mystery, awe, and excitement of the world.  My hobbies flourished as my studies in chemistry and physics began: cooking and photography among them.  I love to cook and found that understanding the fundamental sciences behind it added a multi-dimensional appreciation.  Similarly, as a film photographer, every exposure is an experimental study of how light interacts with the silver halide crystals on a plastic strip, and how the size of the crystals helps determine the sensitivity, contrast, and resolution of an image.  This awareness only deepened my intrigue for the art.  I teach math, physics, chemistry, and biology students a framework for thinking through complex problems.  As a student that struggled for my first couple years of university, I know frustration and defeat, as well as mastery.  I believe this enriches my ability to connect with students; I am able to teach from a place of empathy, while giving constructive support.  I want my students to be seen and heard in a way that is not always provided in a classroom.  I want to teach them to not merely pass, but to engineer success in all endeavors.  Tutoring is a blend of both self-directed and assisted learning that is as creative and spontaneous as it is analytical and sequential.  My teaching style is intuitive and personable, while using strategic dialogue to search for gaps in knowledge, appropriate application of skills, and tactics for reasoning through problems.  My approach holds a line that is student-centered and supportive with a cut-and-dry standard of putting in hard work. 

Isaac is the new owner of DACC and purchased from Sarah Tescher who owned the center for 3.5 years.  The idea of creating a tutoring center came up in a breakfast conversation with Yvonna Graham (owner of Mumbling Marmot) who has been Sarah’s mentor and consultant in starting Durango Academic Coaching (DACC). DACC serves La Plata County and offers tutoring for all subject areas from 1st grade reading help to College level Math classes. DACC has many tutors from Master’s degree in Education to High School Students eager to share their favorite subject. All DACC tutors have had background and education checks and are professional and reliable. DACC believes that each student can reach their academic goals, be that higher ACT scores or learning a 2nd language. Each student learns his or her own unique way and DACC tutors are committed to discover how a student best learns and support that learning style in one-on-one or a small group setting. While the Center is designed to allow for each tutor to have their own space with tables, chairs, supplies, whiteboard, access to technology or books, wifi, and a quite space to learn, parents can choose to have their tutor meet outside of the Center.

It’s been wonderful to work with the Durango community to match great tutors with terrific students since 2005! Now that I’m returning to private practice, taking only dyslexic students, I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone needing a tutor in any subject, including languages, call Durango Academic Coaching Center. You’ll find a warm, inviting atmosphere and fabulous tutors, many of whom formerly contracted with Mumbling Marmot Tutoring.

Yvonna Graham, M.Ed.

Director, Mumbling Marmot Tutoring